Brief Introduction of Lao Petroleum & chemical Co.,ltd

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  • 2019-05-20 13:55:26

  • lao Petroleum & chemical Co.,Ltd (LPC) is responsible for implementing the 2 million tons/year refinery project, which has been selected as the key project list of China-Laos production capacity and investment cooperation in the second round.

    lao Petroleum & chemical Co.,Ltd (LPC) was established in September 2014, with a registered capital of $ 39 million 600 thousand US dollars, located in the saysettha Development Zone of Vientiane, Laos. It is the lao and Chinese enterprises actively responding to the Chinese government‘s "one belt and one road" initiative to enrich the connotation of bilateral capacity cooperation and enhance bilateral economic and trade exchanges, which is jointly funded by Yunnan overseas investment Corporation( YOIC), Lao State fuel company (LSFC) and other lao and Chinese enterprises. The corporation is mainly engaged in the production, storage, sales and logistics of petroleum refining, fine chemical industry, clean energy and other chemical products.

    the LPC plans to invest US$2 billion and build Laos‘s first modern refinery with comprehensive processing capacity of 2 million tons per year in three phases in five to eight years. The process technology adopted in the project is mature, advanced, safe, reliable, green and environmental protection. All the indicators have reached the world advanced level, ensuring that the energy demand and economic development needs of Laos are met while meeting the requirements of green ecology. To achieve the organic unity of enterprise development and environmental protection, and ultimately achieve sustainable development.

    the LPC is currently building first phase project has been fully launched, the main production units are 600,000 tons/year raw material pretreatment unit, 300,000 tons/year reforming unit and 500,000 tons/year diesel oil hydrogenation unit, which are scheduled to be put into full operation in the first half of 2020. After the first phase of the project has reached production, 0.8 million tons/year of gasoline and diesel can be produced annually in accordance with Euro-V standard, and chemical products such as petroleum aromatics, petroleum liquefied gas and industrial sulfur can be produced. At that time, the demand of 60% of the domestic oil market in Laos can be met.

    on the basis of the full realization of the first phase of the project, the corpration will work with all shareholders to expand the upstream and downstream of the project, extend the industrial chain and expand production capacity, gradually realize the second and third phases of the project development plan in three to five years, raise the total refining capacity of the project to 2 million tons/year, and then produce more gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene, road asphalt, polypropylene and polypropylene. High-quality petrochemical products, such as polystyrene, meet the growing market demand in Laos, make important contributions to the social and economic development of Laos, effectively fill the gaps in the petrochemical industry in Laos, play an important role in the industrialization and chemical system construction of Laos, ensure the safety and stability of oil supply in Laos, and promote the sustained stability of Laos National economy development..

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