Vientiane International Business and Tourism Center

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  • Vientiane International Business and Tourism Center (hereinafter referred to as “Vientiane Center”) was developed by joint venture company called North Nongchan Complex Development company, which was founded by Yunnan Provincial Overseas Investment Co.,Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “YOIC”) and Krittaphong Group. Vientiane Center was located in the traditional commercial center of Vientiane and facilitated to most convenient transportation system and modern supporting facility. In addition, Vientiane Center adjoined to the most remarkable landscape architectures such as Arc de Triomphe, Mekong River and Thatluang. 

    Vientiane Center cover 80 acres with total planning area of 160,000 square meter construction area. The estimated cost of the project is 2 billion USD. Meanwhile, Vientiane Center was regarded as the advanced project of ‘one belt one road’ propose and also the first oversea project that involved the concept of ‘investment, financing, construction and operation’ for Yunnan Construction and Investment Holding Group. The development of Vientiane Center will be separated into three phases. the first phase is shopping mall and office tower, serviced apartment and hotel for second phase. The third phase will be high-end office and part of commerce area. 

    Vientiane Center gradually become the center of ‘commercial, office, financing and exhibition’ since its opening. Not only increased the function and image of Vientiane city, but also provides the best shopping place of the local Laotians.   

    The first phase of Vientiane Center was officially opened on 3 of March 2015 and comprised shopping mall & office tower with total 70,000 square meter construction areas. 

    The second phase development will effectively match up the function of first phase and positioned as boutique apartment & hotel with total planning area of 56,400 square meter, which was designed into two landmarked towers with 28 floors and 20 floors and facilitated with individual parking structure and other commercial areas.  

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